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WavePlus 32xx is a family of the Home Gateway processors from the Waveplus Technology Co, LTD.


WP3200 integrates MIPS R3000 32-bit 75..100MHz processor core with 4Kb instruction cache, 2Kb data cache and MMU with TLB, two 10/100Mbit Ethernet MAC and one 10Mbit Ethernet PHY. Besides Ethernet WP3200 also provides USB 1.1, two full duplex UARTs, one at 921600 baud and another at 115200 baud, 16 GPIO pins and PCMCIA-like interface which provide the connctivity to the WavePlus WP1200 WiFi solution.


The WP3206 offers designers a simple, lightweight processor. Like the WP3200, the WP3206 operates at a user-selectable frequency of 75 or 100MHz and features 8K instruction/2K data caches. Also WP3206 integrates one 10/100 Ethernet MAC with MII, one UART, 16 GPIO pins and a glue logic to connect a WiFi interface.


WP3210 integrates a 75/100/125MHz R3000 core, 5-port Ethernet switch and supports a 32-bit, 33MHz PCI bus.


WP3211 integrates a 75/100/125MHz R3000 core and 5-port Ethernet switch.

Devices based on the WP32xx

  • AboCom FW100, BM200
  • Edimax BR-6104WG_c
  • Edimax EW-7505APL
  • OvisLink RS-1000 Bandwidth Firewall Manager
  • Pheenet BM-104 Bandwidth Managing Router
  • Repotec RP-SR634 Dual Wan Broadband Router
  • Sharetech LB-2210
  • Shenzhen Allwins Tech Co.,Ltd R-2204P/R-2104P R-2204P/R-2104P
  • Zonet ZSR1104WE Wireless IEEE802.11g/b Access Point Router 4port Intergrated Switch (ZSR1104WE)
  • D-Link DI514 DI514
  • Fiberline WG6K, Wireless Broadband Router (WP3210)

and many others

Linux support

# cat cpuinfo 
system type : WavePlus WP3200 
processor : 0 
cpu model : R3000 V0.3 
BogoMIPS : 99.32 
wait instruction : yes 
microsecond timers : no 
tlb_entries : 64 
extra interrupt vector : no 
hardware watchpoint : no 
VCED exceptions : not available 
VCEI exceptions : not available 
ll emulations : 0 
sc emulations : 0 
# uname -a 
Linux (none) 2.4.18-mips #24 Tue Sep 23 13:01:48 CST 2003 mips unknown

Unfortunately, there is no Linux sources for this SoC in the public access at the present time. A complaint by GPL Violations is in progress.