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Linux-mips.org is a web site dedicated to Linux/MIPS, the port of Linux to the MIPS architecture.

Is linux-mips.org a for profit web site?

No, linux-mips.org is not a for profit web site. linux-mips.org is deliberately vendor neutral. It's primary raîson d'étre is to provide the necessary resources for users and developers of Linux on MIPS system and to provide communication services.

Who is behind linux-mips.org?

The linux-mips.org server is maintained by Ralf Bächle who also started the MIPS port in '94. The server machine is sponsored by the PRPL Foundation

What is the difference between linux-mips.org and the PRPL Foundation?

The PRPL Foundation is a formal organization with policies, board of directors and whatnot for the primary purpose of targeting and supporting the MIPS architecture. linux-mips.org is more of the typical Linux-style grassroots effort. No bureaucracy, no titles, no membership forms. Just code.