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PMON is a freeware ROM-monitor developed for early LSI Logic MIPS R3000 evaluation boards. Since its creation, PMON has become a very common firmware for MIPS evaluation boards and development systems.

For old information on PMON, visit Phil Bunce's (PMON's designer) website at . The site has not been updated since 2002 and the code is from 1999.

The original PMON code base is rather old now, supports relatively few boards and is not being actively worked on by a single project team. PMON 2000 has become the unofficial successor of PMON.

PMON comes with excellent runtime documentation in HTML.

PMON source from 2001, modifyed by Algorithmics, is available as pmonsrc-20011116.tar.gz. It contains support for several boards, R4000-style exceptions, and uses the GNU make system.

There is a PMON-VR fork for the NEC_VR4100 as part of the Agenda VR3 HPC project.

Linksys WRT54G and Asus WL-300g, a WiFi 802.11g AccessPoint (both BCM47XX based) use PMON version 5.3.22 as a Linux bootloader. PMON ported to the BCM47XX is available from the GPL'ed sourcecode for these devices.