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Chip description

BCM6348 is enchanced version of Broadcom BCM6345 and a member of the Broadcom ADSL series. BCM6348 CPU is MIPS32 running at up tu 256MHz(typicaly 250), contains ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ AFE, USB 2.0 fullspeed (12Mbps) device, two-port USB 2.0 fullspeed (12Mbps) host (i.e, it can be master and accept for example USB flash disk), some glue to interface BCM4318 WiFi-G transiever and full PCI bus.

Used in routers

The BCM6348 is used in the following routers:

Linux Support

These devices run linux and the GPL requires them to provide the relevant sources. Some vendors DO comply:

Unfortunately, ATM, USB and Ethernet drives are not available in source code and included as precompiled object files in archives mentioned above.