Speedracer Linux status for 11-OCT-2006

Download: IOC3 2.6.19-rc1-R27 - patch for linux-mips.org git 2.6.19-rc1

Download: IP30 2.6.19-rc1-R28 - patch for linux-mips.org git 2.6.19-rc1 and IOC3 2.6.19-rc1-R27

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CPU and memory64-bit kernel supportYes
Memory controller supportYessupport for >1GB added in 2.6.12-R22
Interrupt supportYes
SMP supportYes
XIO supportBasic mappingWIPwork in progress - XIO API
Device discoveryWIPit basically works, but waits for XIO API
Flow controlWIPsoon to come in the new XIO API
PCI supportBasic mappingYes
Device discoveryYes
64-bit DMAYes
32-bit DMAYes
System bridgeYes
Additional bridgesYes
IOC3 supportEthernetYesalso for IP27
SuperIO meta-deviceYesalso for IP27
Serial portsYesalso for IP27
RS232/RS422 mode switchNolow priority task, but no real problems
Parallel portNounavailability of non-standard cable for testing
Real Time ClockYes
Software power downYes
Voltage monitorNolow priority task, not enough information
PS/2 portsYes
SCSI supportInternal devicesYes
External devicesYes
RAD1 supportData DMA supportYes
Status DMA supportYes
Analog outputYes
Analog inputYes
AES outputYes
AES inputYes
ADAT outputNono test equipment
ADAT inputNono test equipment
ALSA PCM supportYesplease report bugs!
ALSA mixer supportYes
ImpactSR supportLinux console supportYes
MPlayer output supportYes
X Window supportYesshadowfb driver
24-bit depth setupYes
Video mode changeNonot enough information
Image DMAYes
Hardware cursorYes
2D accelerationYes
3D accelerationNonot enough information
Flow controlNonot enough information, lack of XIO flow control
Multiple cardsNolack of test hardware
VPro supportLinux console supportYes
X Window supportNocomplexity of accelerated X drivers
24-bit depth setupYes
2D accelerationYes
3D accelerationYes
Image DMANoit's not really easy

(c) 2004-6 Stanislaw Skowronek