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The Xilleon™ is a family of systems-on-chip (SoC) for the digital set-top box and digital TV markets.

Most members of the family have a 300MHz MIPS CPU (32-bit 4K, MMU, no FPU), dual-SD (standard definition) and dual-HD (high definition) capable MPEG-2 decoder, audio decoder, dual display engine, 2D and 3D graphics engine, conditional access, transport demultiplexers, 32/64 bit DDR/SDR interface, PCI, USB, IR, I2C, I2S, Flash and hard drive EIDE interfaces.

Members of the Xilleon family include (but are not limited to):

x220 -- No longer in production.

x225 -- Not available for new designs.

x226 -- Similar to x225 but with additional video scalers/mixers and a third serial port.

x240 -- Integrated digital and analog TV tuner. No external PCI or EIDE. Single memory channel.

A reference platform Set-Top-Wonder XILLEON is available to assist customers in the development and debug of new designs.

Linux Support

MontaVista Software announced that MontaVista Linux Professional Edition will support ATI’s Xilleon integrated SoC.