XXS 1500

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XXS 1500

Complete embedded system with all connectors on a bank-card sized PCB.


   * 400MHzAMD Alchemy Au1500 AB stepping SOC
   * 64..256MB RAM
   * 16..64MB flash
   * 2x 10/100Mbps ethernet port
   * 1x USB host
   * 1x USB device
   * 2x serial port
   * PCI bus 
   * CF-Card Interface
   * Real-Time Clock
   * some additional GPIO's on the backplane
-Graphicscard (Fujitsu CorelP, DVI-I, TFT-LVDS, 656in, video-in/out)
-WLAN Card

are possible extensions

Main Site: http://www.mycable.de/xxs1500

Manufacturer: http://www.mycable.de [edit] Linux support

Linux 2.4

   Fully supported 

Linux 2.6

   Still experimental