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(Test machines)
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* RM200-225  stable, no VGA
* RM200-225  stable, no VGA
* RM200-C20  stable
* RM200-C40  stable
* RM200-C40  stable
* RM300-C50  stable
* RM300-C50  stable

Revision as of 14:57, 10 May 2008

I'm working on getting Linux to run on RM200/300/400 with big endian firmware.

Test machines

  • RM200-225 (flo)
  • RM200-C20
  • RM200-C40
  • RM300-C50
  • RM300-E50
  • RM400-220
  • RM400-430
  • RM400-440 (flo)
  • RM400-C72
  • RM400-E60

I'm looking for more machine, so if you want to dump a machine mail me tsbogend@alpha.franken.de


  • RM200-225 stable, no VGA
  • RM200-C20 stable
  • RM200-C40 stable
  • RM300-C50 stable
  • RM300-E50 UP: stable, no SMP support yet
  • RM400-220 stable
  • RM400-430 stable
  • RM400-440 not tested, but should be like RM400-430
  • RM400-C72 UP: stable, SMP: slave CPU comes up; missing IPI
  • RM400-E60 UP: stable, no SMP support yet

The Linux-mips git tree contains now most of the needed changes. Only the serial driver for RM400 and some RM200 bits are missing.


  • find out how SNI solved the R10k speculative store problem
  • get IPI working on C72
  • SMP support for RM300 E50 and RM400 E60