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= Stuart Longland =
= Stuart Longland =

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Stuart Longland

About Me

I'm currently a university student studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (majors: electronics & software engineering) at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia. Linux/MIPS (specifically Linux on SGI and Cobalt hardware) is one of the many hobbies that I tinker with in my spare time.

More information is on my website

Contacting Me

Email Contact

Note about email addresses: Replace (a) with @, o with . and strip out the additional spaces -- Okay? :-)

  • Primary Email Account:
    • stuartl (a) longlandclan o hopto o org
  • Alternate Email Accounts:
    • redhatter (a) longlandclan o hopto o org
    • stuartl (a) gil o com o au (possibly defunct now)
    • sjlongland (a) yahoo o com o au
    • s2 o longland (a) student o qut o edu o au

Instant Messenger

  • MSN Messenger: sjlongland (a) yahoo o com o au
  • AOL Instant Messenger: sjlongland
  • ICQ: 53258082
  • Yahoo! Messenger: sjlongland
  • Jabber: stuartl@jabber.zim.net.au
  • Skype: sjlongland


Nickname: Redhatter

Servers & Chatrooms:

  • irc.freenode.net
    • #syllable -- Syllable Project Chatroom
    • #gentoo-mips -- Gentoo/MIPS Project Chatroom
    • #mipslinux -- Linux/MIPS Project chatroom
  • irc.austnet.org
    • #atomicmpc -- AtomicMPC Chatroom
    • #atomiclinux -- AtomicMPC Linux Community Chatroom
  • www.longlandclan.hopto.org