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Thanks very much!
Thanks very much!
== Wireless part ==
As far as I seen wireless part is binary object for Inprocomm (IPN2220AP.o)
I am very interested to see this router become wireless client...

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I bought a 5000FS [1] and I am interested in a project like the NSLU2 linux up and running. Ovislink have released the source code, but i have not found the perfect how to guide, only bits and pieces. If anyone have been able to make their own working build to the MU-5000FS I would really appriciate some pointers! I develop for embedded systems and PCs (W32 mostly, but have linux experince) everyday, so I am confident that I can get it to work by my self, but my laziness demands that I ask if anyone already have succeded .

Regards Henrik Holm

Serial port on the Edimax products?

pen Hi,

I have successfuly used the SMC7000ABRV2 and all kinds of RTL8181 based products in my projects, but I was a bit surprised when I have found no console header on the Edimax EW-7207APg product. Does someone have the other mentioned Edimax products and if so, do they have any ready made serial header, where a voltage shifter can be connected to talk to a PC or terminal?

The EW-7207APg DOES run Linux, as all the other Edimax ADM5120 based products. Specifically, the EW-7207APg runs Linux 2.4.18 (as probably all other devices) and for the Inprocomm 802.11g MAC uses a closed source binary driver which is available as module on the root file system.

I have the kernels and the root file systems of all the Edimax products (made from the Edimax firmware upgrade available on their web), so if someone needs to know something, it is typically easy to find. Actually, the structure of the root file system is derived from the RTL8181 based products, so I feel quite at home.

I am a bit worried making my own kernel and root filesystem, without the serial console which has access to the bootloader and gives the chance to load a kernel to ram or flash, if the current one does not work properly.

Alec v 21:02, 8 May 2005 (BST) : Yes, ADM5120 has a NS16c550 compatible UART, see a ADM5120 Datasheet. Some devices has a 4- or 5-pin connector (sometimes unnamed and unsoldered) to attach a serial port. You need a LVTTL 3.3V --> +-12V converter anyway, like MAXIM MAX3232CPE or LINEARTECH LTC1386CS.

pen I know about the UART and I do have the converter which I use with the other devices. However, I was not able to find ANY connector on the EW-7207APg, so I was looking for some more details about the other Edimax products, so that I can debug my firmware there and to try it on the EW-7207APg only once I get over the most stupid mistakes. I will try to look up from the threads you have pointed to, if they contain specific information which of the devices have this connector and which do not.

Thanks a lot.

Alec v 20:10, 17 May 2005 (BST): I think, it is possible to solder a thin wires to the SoC UART pins directly (not sure for BGA).

User:Zoobab: Do you have the FCC-ID of the router? Or take a picture of the board? On my conceptronic router, there is a 4 pins connector on the board.


I am a newbie in linux-mips. I bought a edimax 6114wg wireless route, and want to hack it, and add some funny application on it.

Is anybody can tell me the detailed process to build linux kernel and rootsystem, and application based on edimax's source code.

Thanks very much!

Wireless part

As far as I seen wireless part is binary object for Inprocomm (IPN2220AP.o) I am very interested to see this router become wireless client...