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* tftp(1) man page
* tftp(1) man page
* tftpd(8) man page
* tftpd(8) man page
* [http://www.pegsol.com/newdesign/downloads.htm FREE TFTP WhiteHorn]

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TFTP is short for Trivial File Transfer Protocol and is the most common protocol used to boot the OS of workstations and embedded devices over IP networks.

Network configuration

Before a tftp client can start a download it's network needs to be configured. This is not a problem with any tftp client such as the tftp(1) command line client, that is running on an already configured system. In case of the system firmware this is typically done through BOOTP/DHCP.


  • Many tftp client and server implementations are plagued with bugs. If you're experience problems with a IP22 or RM 200, check try the hints given on the ARC page.
  • TFTP is considered an insecure protocol and thus generally - like most UDP-based protocols - filtered at firewalls.

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