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Silicon Graphics Hardware

This page is intended to summarise the information on the various other pages.

Codename: System: CPUs: Linux Support:
IP12 Iris Indigo R3000 Not Yet (in progress)
IP19 Challenge, Onyx R4000, R4400, R4600, R8000 Not Yet (in progress)
IP20 Iris Indigo R4000, R4400 Not Yet (in progress)
IP22 Indy, Indigo 2, Challenge S R4000, R4400, R4600, R5000 Yes
IP26 Indigo 2 Power R8000 No
IP28 Indigo 2 Impact R10000 Yes, Work In Progress (Highly Unstable)
IP27 Onyx 2, Origin 200/2000 R10000, R12000 Yes (Unstable)
IP30 Octane R10000, R12000, R14000 Yes, Work In Progress
IP32 O2 R5000, RM5200, RM7000, R10000 Yes
IP34 Fuel R14000A, R16000 No
IP35 Origin 3000, Onyx 3000 R14000, R14000A No
IP45 Origin 300 R14000 No
IP53 Origin 350, Tezro R16000 No