Sharp Mobilion Pro PV5000A

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System Specifications

  • CPU: Toshiba TX3922 129MHz MIPS 1. Little Endian.
  • RAM: 32MB
  • ROM: Unknown size, has Windows CE and numerous applications burned in.
  • Framebuffer: 640x480 12-bit colour. Unknown chipset.

I/O Peripherals:

  • LCD Touch Screen & keypad
  • 1x RS-232 serial port
  • 1x IRDA serial port
  • 1x PCMCIA socket

Operating System Support

Natively, they run Windows CE 2.11 H/PC PRO 3.0. There is some resources on the net to suggest NetBSD potentially runs, but I have not succeeded in this endeavour. I'm looking into the feasability of porting Linux onto these devices.

A look inside

I ended up pulling my unit apart tonight... finally got fed up of the wobbly power socket, so I thought I'd take a look. The power socket was fixed very easy... The solder connections were worn... in fact, I suspect a manufacturing fault. Not to worry though, a quick jab with a soldering iron soon fixed up what the ravages of time had slowly worn away.

Pulling up the keyboard, you'll see the top surface of the motherboard... shown in this photo.

Some of the ICs shown in the photo:

 TOSHIBA  B10415         TOSHIBA  K97466   TOSHIBA
    9839KBD              JAPAN   9838HAK   TC6345AF
     JAPAN               TC58FVB400FT-05    9833FAI
 TC5165165FTS-50                            JAPAN
    EPSON                JAPAN   F01Z
 SED1354F0A              0018     SNN      SEC KOREA 837
  F98350199              5165165FLTT6      JK416V1004CT-L5

Flipping the board over, we reveal more ICs, including the CPU:

   (CPU Chip)                   
    TOSHIBA      JAPAN   F01Z   TOSHIBA  B10415
   TMPR3922U     0018     SNN       9839KBD
 JAPAN 9842YAK   5165165FLTT6        JAPAN
    19468##                     TC5165165FTS-50
  SC 12307-0J     TOSHIBA       NEC JAPAN        LCX
    836 137      TC35143AF       D4722GS         244
                                9833P301         8 23

The only IC I've identified thus far is the CPU... although I'll be pestering Google for info on the others shortly.