Sharp Mobilion Pro PV5000A

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System Specifications

  • CPU: Toshiba TX3922 129MHz MIPS 1. Little Endian.
  • RAM: 32MB
  • ROM: Unknown size, has Windows CE and numerous applications burned in.
  • Framebuffer: 640x480 12-bit colour. Unknown chipset.

I/O Peripherals:

  • LCD Touch Screen & keypad
  • 1x RS-232 serial port
  • 1x IRDA serial port
  • 1x PCMCIA socket

Operating System Support

Natively, they run Windows CE 2.11 H/PC PRO 3.0. There is some resources on the net to suggest NetBSD potentially runs, but I have not succeeded in this endeavour. I'm looking into the feasability of porting Linux onto these devices.

Possible cousins

There seems to be bits and pieces of information to suggest this may be a cousin of the Philips HPC family of PDAs, which do run Linux. I shall know more when I pull my PDA apart (which has to be done to repair a power socket), but I'm still digging. It seems I've got a lot to learn about the internals of MIPS embedded hardware.