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General Information

The RBTX49XX board is based off the TX4900 processor family. This board has a 32-bit PCI slot, Fast Ethernet interface, Two Serial ports (16550 compatible) and 128 MB memory. This board can operate in either BE or LE mode.

Currently, this board is completely supported in Linux version 2.4 and 2.6 as well.

Booting Information

Prepare an srec image of the kernel. On the PMON prompt of the board, type load. For eg:

PMON> load Downloading from ethernet, ^C to abort Entry address is 80297018

At this point, from the host, do the following using tftp:

  1. tftp

tftp> bi tftp> put vmlinux.srec Sent 8052180 bytes in 183.1 seconds

And at this point, you should see something similar to the following on thge target:

total = 0x28f461 bytes PMON>

At this point, tyope "g" and you should be able to get the kernel up and running.