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The R5900 is based on the TX79 Toshiba Core and was developed by Toshiba, exclusively for use in the Playstation 2 Emotion Engine (EE). It is similar to the R5000, but adds several SIMD (multimedia) instructions.

  • It implements almost all MIPS3 instructions, though it supports MIPS4's movn/movz.
  • 128-bit floating-point SIMD
  • Multimedia extended instructions: 107 instructions at 128 bit width
  • It doesn't support load linked and store conditional instruction (ll/lld/sc/scd, MIPS2).
  • COP0 hazard: mtc0, tlbr, tlbp, tlbwi, tlbwr must be followed by sync.p
  • cache ops are original.
  • single float FPU (IEEE754 not compatible)
  • R4000 like MMU but 32bit mode only and scratch pad support.
  • TLB: 48 double entries

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