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Work on PSP Linux has started at PSP Linux. Check it out, especially if you're a developer. It should be pretty easy to get it running, since the PSP uses a memory stick and can load applications on there, but for now nobody knows for sure. The U.S. release will jumpstart the development process, thats March 24, 2005.

Short bit of specs:

  • two MIPS32R2 cores with no MMU
  • 128bit Bus
  • 1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V (currently capped at 222MHz (The 222MHZ cap is software based and lies in the executed files, it is not firmware based so is easily bypassed))
  • Main Memory: 32MB, 4MB eDRAM
  • Bus Bandwidth: 2.6GB/sec
  • I-Cache, D-Cache
  • FPU, VFPU (Vector Unit) @ 2.6GFlops
  • 3D-CG Extended Instructions

The description should be taken with a grain of salt. For instance, even the CPU core is not clear - maybe it is MIPS 4KE, but maybe 24K... The Coprocessor seems to be totally custom.

Lack of MMU makes this machine pretty much worthless except as a toy - which is what it was devised for, after all.

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