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Work on PSP Linux has started at PSP Linux. Check it out, especially if you're a developer. It should be pretty easy to get it running, since the PSP uses a memory stick and can load applications on there, but for now nobody knows for sure.

Short bit of specs:

  • two MIPS32R2 cores with no MMU
  • 128bit Bus
  • 1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V (currently capped at 222MHz (The 222MHZ cap is software based and lies in the executed files, it is not firmware based so is easily bypassed))
  • Main Memory: 32MB, 4MB eDRAM
  • Bus Bandwidth: 2.6GB/sec
  • I-Cache, D-Cache
  • FPU, VFPU (Vector Unit) @ 2.6GFlops
  • 3D-CG Extended Instructions

The description should be taken with a grain of salt. For instance, even the CPU core is not clear - maybe it is MIPS 4KE, but maybe 24K... The Coprocessor seems to be totally custom.

Lack of MMU makes this machine pretty much worthless except as a toy - which is what it was devised for, after all.

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