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  • Toshiba 300MHz R5900 MIPS IV core, FPU, 16 KB 2-way set-associative I-CACHE and an 8 KB 2-way set-associative D-CACHE, along with a 16 KB data scratchpad RAM; set of 128-bit multimedia extensions
  • 128bit Emotion Engine: two 128-bit VLIW vector units: VU0, VU1; 10 DMA channels; MPEG decoder
  • 32MB PC800 Direct Rambus (Direct RDRAM) memory
  • Sony Graphics Synthesizer™ graphic processor at 150MHz, 4Mb of 1024bit eDRAM
  • DVD ROM drive (not connected to an IDE bus)
  • 2 USB 1.0 Ports connected to an OHCI controller
  • 1 i.Link ( IEEE 1394 Firewire ) port (it is not possible to access the Firewire port from Linux)
  • New slim model has built-in ethernet, but is not able to store a harddisk (thus unable to boot Linux without netbooting)

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