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NXP Semiconductors, former Philips Semiconductors, has a digital brand called "Nexperia". It covers a lot of digit processors, such as ARM9, MIPS, Trimedia and EPIA DSP. And Philips/NXP has licensed MIPS R3000 processor long time ago. Recently more and more SoC have been released. Such as PNX8535 for HDTV, PNX8550 for IPTV. The corresponding supporting software are TV520/XX and STB810. In these IC family, usually has 3~5 processor cores.

TV520/PNX8535 has 80C51, MIPS R3000, Trimedia TM1500 and EPIA DSP. STB810 has 80C51, MIPS R3000, TM1500*2. They are very powerful and supported by Montavista Linux.

However Philips/NXP hesitate to support open source community because of the complex of Trimedia DSP and multi-core processing. Their current approach is selected ISV support Trimedia, and MIPS core keeps open for customer development.