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Onyx is the name of a series of Silicon Graphics workstations designed for heavy CAD duties, as well as 3D-modelling and simulation.


The original Onyx deskside workstations featured R4400, R8000 or R10000 CPUs at a variety of clock speeds. The original desksides shipped with either Extreme Graphics, RealityEngine or InfiniteReality graphics.The Power Onyx shipped with an R8000 CPU, and one of the above graphics options.

Linux Support

  • The original Onyx is unsupported.
  • Power Onyx machines are unsupported.
  • Onyx 2's are supported, however, the graphics hardware is not. When running Linux on these machines, you're effectively turning it into an Origin 2000.
  • Onyx 3000's are unsupported.

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