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No more available - production is stopped by 4g mtx-1 is the code-name of the hardware which is marketed as MeshCube and 4G AccessCube. it is a very small (7x7x7cm) cubic embedded system based on the AMD Alchemy Au1500 and targeted mainly for wireless mesh routing applications. The stackable MiniPCI architecture makes it very flexible for other applications as well.

it features

  • 400MHzAMD Alchemy Au1500 AD stepping SOC
  • 64MB RAM
  • 32MB flash
  • 1x 100Mbps ethernet port
  • 1x USB host
  • 1x USB device
  • 1x serial port
  • stackable MiniPCI bus (up to 8 cards)
  • Power over Ethernet (802.3af)

Main Site:


Linux support

Linux 2.4 
Fully supported with some additional patches from
Linux 2.6 
Fully supported with some additional patches from