Marvell system controllers

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Galileo GT64060

Galileo GT64110/GT64120

The GT64110/GT64120 from Galileo Technology Inc. (acquired by Marvel in 2001) are designed to connect a high speed processor to peripheral devices. It connects the CPU to an asynchronous local device bus which is used to interface with the boot EPROM, Serial I/O, and Flash memory. It also has a built-in DRAM controller for interfacing the processor to the onboard SDRAM main memory with minimal glue logic. In addition, the chip provides a CPU bus to PCI bus bridge.

This chip is also used in the Mips_Malta, Cobalt, IDT7M9535 IDT7M9536 IDT7M9537 evaluationboards, Galileo avaluation boards and in CISCO 7200 routers.

Galileo Discovery GT64260

Marvell Discovery II MV64340


Marvell Discovery III MV64440