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Marvell Firehawk RD/DB-88E6318 Rev 2.0

Motherboard oh the NHD-355 from Sarotech

Motherborad Marvell.jpg

Image from this site


  • Marvell SOC 88E6318 (Mips Core and Ethernet Core)
  • ALI M5283 IDE Controller 1xPATA 2xSATA ( only a connector available on board, unmouted)
  • VIA VT6212L USB 2.0 Controller 2xUSB available
  • 32Mo RAM 2 x Samsung K4S281632I-UC75
  • DS1339 I2C Real Time Clock with battary
  • Mini-PCI port (used for Wifi option )
  • Wifi (in option) ( based on RT2500 or Prism54 )
  • 4Mo Flash Spansion S29GL032M90( firmware -> Kernel and initrd )
  • 5 ports switched with VLAN support ( VLAN 1 = 1xWAN VLAN 2 = 4xLAN, in option a WIFI)
  • Leds for informations ( 1xWAN 4xLAN 1xWIFI 1xPOWER 1xHDD_FULL 1xHDD_ACCESS )
  • A Power button ( to boot and halt)


J3 Serial

1 - RX
2 - TX
3 - NC (?)
4 - GND

3.3V level, speed 38400 8-N-1

J7 I2C



Working OS

based on a MontaVista tuned by Marvell

MontaVista Linux Pro 3.0 for MV-88E6318 (Firehawk)
RDK Alpha Release, version 0.2.5
Marvell, 4 Sep 2003

Uname -a give this line :

Linux version 2.4.18_mvl30-sarotech (root@sws02) (gcc version 2.95.3 20010315(release/MontaVista)) #1369 Mon Dec 5 18:06:23 EST 2005

Kernel tuned by Sarotech

SAROTECH kernel revision : 2.0.0 2005/06/27

Open Source Package from Sarotech

The modified Kernel for Marvell SOC are avallaible on Sarotech website.

The package Kernel contain the full kernel 2.4.18 with Marvell patches, the intranet, and basic tolls.

The OPT package contain the montavista dev tools ( preview kit but working )

On korean site you can find the tutorial in english to make all the job.

Open source Page

Work in progress