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Linux/MIPS is a port of Linux to the MIPS architecture. It is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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2013-10-29 MIPS(r) P5600 Superscalar Multiprocessor Core Family

The MIPS P5600 processor IP core is the first member of the Warrior generation of MIPS CPU cores from Imagination Technologies. It delivers industry leading 32-bit performance with class-leading low power characteristics, and in a silicon footprint up to 30% smaller than comparable alternatives in the industry. The P5600 CPU core was designed for the performance and features required for tomorrow's mainstream connected consumer electronics including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and set-top boxes. However, the rich and broad feature set extends applicability into a variety of networking applications, from residential gateways to network appliances and microservers.

2013-06-18 Broadcom announce XLP9xx MIPS64r5 cores
2013-06-17 Cavium announce OcteonIII MIPS64r5 processors:
2013-02-08 Acquisition of MIPS Technologies completed Imagination Technologies Group plc (LSE: IMG, "Imagination") has completed the acquisition of the operating business and certain patent properties of MIPS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MIPS, "MIPS") as well as license rights to all of the remaining patent properties. - See more at:
2013-01-08 Dual-core mips32r2 Ingenic Xburst JZ4780 tablet shown off

JZ4780 is a high performance, high integration and ultra low power dualcore processor with powerful video engine and 2D graphic engine targeting for mobile devices like smart phone, tablet and GPS navigator. JZ4780 is powered by Ingenic innovative 1.2GHz XBurst CPU core and equipped with a rich set of peripherals.

With Android, Linux, RTOS OS supporting and WiFi/3G/BT/TV module connecting, this SOC can provide excellent mobile internet experience.

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