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Linux/MIPS is a port of Linux to the MIPS architecture. It is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Linux/MIPS Support
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Porting – Building a Kernel – Modules – Kernel Command Line Arguments

Net Resources
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Getting the kernel


2009-01-19 Announced maintenance downtime canceled. Turned out it was actually possible to swap the drive without shutting down the system even though it supposedly wasn't hotswapable.
2009-01-16 A drive of's server machine is failing and will have to be replaced soon. This will result in some downtime with no further announcement.
2008-12-30 On 2008-12-26 Thiemo Seufer "ths" lost his life in a traffic accident through no fault of his own. The funeral service for Thiemo will take place on Monday January 5th 2009 13:30 at Dominikanerkirche, Bad Wimpfen, Germany. If you want to express your condolences please send mail to It will be passed on to Thiemo's family. For further info contact Ralf Baechle <>.
2008-06-03 Starting tomorrow the linux-next tree will carry MIPS patches intended to be merged into the next kernel release which at this time would be 2.6.27.
2008-04-18 Due to DNS breakage at the ISP a significant number of users have been dropped from the mailing list. The issue has been reported to the ISP and is expected to be resolved quickly.
2008-03-04 By the end of March the server will move to a new site resulting in several days of downtime. User of the git trees are reminded of the mirror of Email to will be delayed until the machine is running again but should not be lost.
2007-03-02 Linux Weekly News article shows MIPS is one of the most active Linux architectures

Old News

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