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The MIPS Malta is an ATX formfactor evaluation board made by MIPS Technologies. It can have a 4Kc, 4Ke or a 24Kc core. The Malta board has four PCI slots (32-bit, 33 Mhz), Onboard IDE, Onboard Ethernet, USB and Dual UART (16550 compatible). The board is supported in Linux 2.4 and 2.6. It can operate in big endian or little endian mode. This is accomplished by a BIGEND switch on the board.

This is what YAMON shows on bootup:

YAMON ROM Monitor, Revision 02.06.

Copyright (c) 1999-2004 MIPS Technologies, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.
For a list of available commands, type 'help'.
Compilation time =              Mar 23 2004  16:50:44
Board type/revision =           0x02 (Malta) / 0x00
Core board type/revision =      0x07 (CoreFPGA-2) / 0x00
System controller/revision =    MIPS SOC-it 101 OCP / 1.3   SDR-FW-1:1
FPGA revision =                 0x0001
MAC address =                   00.d0.a0.00.04.2b
Board S/N =                     0000000819
PCI bus frequency =             33.33 MHz
Processor Company ID/options =  0x01 (MIPS Technologies, Inc.) / 0x00
Processor ID/revision =         0x93 (MIPS 24Kc) / 0x60
Endianness =                    Little
CPU/Bus frequency =             25 MHz / 25 MHz
Flash memory size =             4 MByte
SDRAM size =                    64 MByte
First free SDRAM address =      0x800b3860


Linux support

The Malta is fully supported by Linux. Since generally the main CVS tree on linux-mips.org is more geared towards development a separate Malta CVS repository that's geared towards absolute stability on Malta.