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Loongson 2E

Loongson 2E is the latest processor in Loongson 2 Family. Loongson 2E was designed by ICT (Institute of Computing Technology), a department of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, helped and manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

ST Generic Part Number: STLS2E02



- 64 bit

- 9 pipeline stages

- 4-issue Out-Of-Order Executive

- 2 ALU, 2 FALU, 1 SIMD, 1 Load/Store Units


Cache: 64KB L1 date, 64KB L1 instruction, on-chip 512KB L2.

Clock Frequence: 600MHz - 800MHz.

TDP: 4 Watt at 700MHz

Integrated: DDR-333 memory controller.


ST's Leading Edge 90nm process.

Some new instructions: Allow write to register directly without MFLO or MFHI.

Some new instructions: MADD.[S|D] MSUB.[S|D] NMADD.[S|D] NMSUB.[S|D].

Some new SIMD instructions: simmilar to MMX, using FPU for parallel fix-point arithmetic.

An Executive bit: help OS to protect from buffer-flow attack.

The following 2F is under manufacture(July,2007) which has a higher frequence, an on-chip DDR2 controller and advanced power control technology.

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