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Loongson 2E

Loongson 2E is the latest processor in Loongson 2 Family. Loongson 2E was designed by ICT (Institute of Computing Technology), a department of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, helped and manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

This processor is a design of MIPSIII RISC cpu, which has separate 64KB L1 data and instruction caches. Like R10000 Family, it is also a superscalar with out-of-order execution. With On-chip 512KB L2 cache ,fast FPU and a DDR controller the processor runs at 600MHz - 800MHz.

The following 2F is under manufacture(July,2007) which has a higher frequence, an on-chip DDR2 controller and advanced power control technology.

Devices based on this CPU

Linux support for Loongson

  • 2.6.23 will be the first kernel edition officially support Loongson and Fulong.

Basically the kernel will run on fulong, but there's some TODOs:

1. ALSA problem fixup. I'm currently working on this issue. Ref: http://www.linux-mips.org/archives/linux-mips/2007-04/msg00072.html http://lkml.org/lkml/2006/1/25/117

2. Complete memory support. With pmon v1.0, Memory Bigger than 512MB will not be recognized on Fulong, and smaller than 256MB will not even boot. Rare people will use 128MB ram and we can solve Big memory problem in kernel.

3. Fuxin Zhang has successfully fixed the ati 3d driver in 2.6.18, I will merge the patch when I get some time.

4. CFS doesn't play well on mips platform.

Processor documentation