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Load64 is a sorry excuse for a second stage bootloader. It has no configuration, no filesystem support. It can load its kernels only from the volume header.

However it is simple, it is very fast, and requires no porting to use it on a new 64-bit ARCS platform. It is the only bootloader that can load Linux kernels on Octane machines. It is also a convenient starting point for more advanced excursions into the land of bootloading.

Nowadays, we are working on a version of Load64 that would support all ARCS-based SGI MIPS machines (especially Indy, Origin, Octane and O2). This requires support for both 32- and 64-bit platforms. A major problem is created by weakness of Indy and O2 PROMs, which can't successfully load relocatable ELF (which is required for a cross-platform bootloader). Currently we are approaching the problem by writing an ELF32-to-ECOFF converter (both Indy and O2 can load relocatable ECOFF); unfortunately binutils weren't up to the task. An alpha of ARCLoad can be downloaded here: [1].

Old, working load64 is here: [2].