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What is Linux/MIPS?

Linux/MIPS is the port of Linux to the MIPS processor architecture.

What is is a site collecting information related to Linux on the MIPS architecture and related software projects such as Linux distributions, software tools, mailing list archives, git archives of the Linux/MIPS development kernel and much more.

Who is behind

  • The server hardware has been sponsored by MIPS Technologies, Inc.
  • It is being hosted in Lisbon, Portugal at Chipidea, the analog division of MIPS Technologies.
  • Ralf Bächle is keeping the server humming happily and is the maintainer of the MIPS kernel since he started the project in 1994. Ralf is currently an employee of Wind River Systems, Inc. who allow him to spend a good junk of his working time to work on the Linux/MIPS project.