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LASAT Masquerade PRO

The LASAT Masquerade 2 and later Masquerade PRO was created by LASAT Networks (later Eicon Networks). as part of a product line of self-contained SOHO all-in-one servers (firewall/NAT/router, mail server etc.)

Very few of these devices were ever shipped, but they still fulfill their original purpose very well.

The Debian project still uses two Masquerade PRO as MIPS autobuilders.


Feature Masquerade 2 Masquerade PRO
Size 1U 1U
Processor NEC VR4310 NEC R5000
Clock freq. 133/166 MHz 250 MHz
Network 2xAMD PCnet32 10/100Mbps 2xAMD PCnet32 10/100Mbps
Harddisk CMD643 IDE controller CMD643 IDE controller
RAM  ?? 128MB on-board SDRAM (100MHz)
Flash  ?? 4MB (compressed kernel image limited to 1MB)
Expansion 1xPCI slot 1xPCI slot
Other PICVUE 2-line LCD display, RTC, Siemens ISDN PICVUE 2-line LCD display, RTC, HDLC controller (V.35/X.25)
Linux-mips 2.6.15 tested OK