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Jazz was the codename under which this family of systems was originally developed by Microsoft before it was sold off to MIPS Computer Systems, Inc. MIPS, Toshiba, Acer and various customers and licenses have developed a variety of architecturally very similar systems.


Most of these systems were running the ARC firmware and Windows NT. Some systems made by MIPS were reconfigurable to big endian; in big endian mode a different set of firmware and some UNIX flavor such as RISC/OS in case of MIPS was being used.

SCSI Options

ACER PICA-61,Olivetti M700-10, MIPS Magnum 4000 and MIPS Millenium are based on the NCR 53C90 also known as QLogic ESP216 or ASC, Advanced SCSI Controller.

Networking Options

ACER PICA-61,Olivetti M700-10, MIPS Magnum 4000 and MIPS Millenium are using a SONIC Ethernet chip.

Video Options

The original Microsoft/MIPS Magnum 4000 and Olivetti M700-10 use a simple framebuffers 1024x768 based on the Inmos G300 or G364(64-bit).

ACER PICA-61 is using S3 968 SVGA videocard with 2MB of video memory on the custom fast PICA bus. The video card looks like an EISA card but the notch is on the wrong side.

NEC Evolution is using Cirrus Logic based video.


All Jazz family systems come with an ARC firmware.

Linux Support

Linux/MIPS supports the Olivetti M700-10 almost since birth. Support is supposed to be stable in 2.2 and in various stages of bitrot after that. As of Linux 2.6 resurrection of support is being worked on. Not test results on other Jazz family systems are available.

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