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IP35 is the CPU board in Silicon Graphics Origin 300, Origin 3000, Onyx 3000 and Tezro systems. It is the successor of the IP27 architecture of Onyx 2, Origin 200 and Origin 2000 and the last MIPS-based server architecture of Silicon Graphics. It's successor is the IA-64-based Altix series.

Linux Support

IP35 is not supported by Linux. A port initially targetting only the Origin 300 has been started. At this early stage - this is being written on day 2 of the porting effort - there is a kernel binary that can be bootet but there is no functioning console code yet.

A plea for hardware

The development effort could be helped by getting more hardware into the hands of developers. If you have Origin or Onyx hardware that you want to get rid of, don't junk it, don't squeeze out the last few buck from eBay but get it into the hands of a capable hacker!

Hardware documentation

As not expected differently from any large vendor is hard to come by. Aside of negotiating there are several other leads:

  • Reverse engineering. Dubious legality and painful, so least preferable
  • Various IP35 bits hidden in the code for the already supported IP27.
  • Various bits of information from published information such as header files or technical documentation.
  • The history tree on kernel.org contains support for the Origin 3000's ill-fated IA-64-based evil brother. It is largely based on the same custom chips, so is a source of docoumentation and semi-working [[GPL}} code. The machine never made it to the market and so in changeset c6bacd5010ec2db31aebbac71bc93540f40d2a9d support for it got deleted.

See also

  • techpubs.sgi.com SGI's site for technical documentation