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These days the Linux world has largely switched to GIT as it's SCM. Git is a fairly low-level thing, more the backing store of an SCM - or plumbing in Linus's words - than a full-blown SCM but it's growing up very quickly. is using CVS since 1997 and so naturally is a little more conservative in switching to a new tools as we don't want to drop all the history that's hidden in these trees. However git is currently being experimented with and it is expected to eventually replace CVS for at least all kernel work. More on git can be found for example at and many other places on the net, consult the search engine of your trust.

The status of the CVS archive converted to GIT as of 2005-09-11 can be found rsync:// Note that only the head branch is ok. The CVS to GIT conversion is based on CVSps which has a longstanding bug that results in files created on branches after being created on mainline previously, being misstreated.

Status of CVS to GIT conversion

Repository Branch Status
arcboot Not converted yet
bugs Not converted yet
dvhtool Not converted yet
faq Not converted yet
gcc Not converted yet
gdb Not converted yet
libc Not converted yet
libc-devel Not converted yet
linux DECstation Heavy problems
linux_2_2 Minor mistakes due to different RCS keyword expansion in
linux_2_4 Heavy problems
linux-mips OK
master OK
origin Heavy problems
test11-cp7000 Heavy problems
linux-2.2 OK
linux-vr Not converted yet
malta Not converted yet
modutils Not converted yet
rh_install Not converted yet
strace Not converted yet
XFree Not converted yet

Note that at this time all GIT trees at are considered experimental.