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this page should report information about hw support for sgi mips machine

also it should report information about gentoo/mips support

HW IP SW IP Codename Model Name CPU Linux Support Comments
PM1     machine1 cpu at MHz Not Applicable Terminal, slot chassis IP28 IP28   ... R5000 at 180MHz Not Supported redesign to fit the PI chassis


Well Supported means the machine is mostly functional, just small quirks and features that are unimplemented
Supported means that the machine has booted or boots with a bit of work (such as applying a patch.)
Supported, unstable! means that the machine boots but will crash unexpectedly due to bugs in the hardware
In Progress means that there is an effort to port Linux to that machine, but it doesn't boot yet
Not Supported means that there is not enough interest in a port to this machine
Not Applicable means that the machine doesn't fall into the scope of Linux/MIPS

SGI machine technical support & info

SGI info about the most common machines

other mips machine

  • MIPS 79RC32434, a solid & smart implementation of the mipsel little endian MIPS32 4Kcore

  • fonera

mipsbe atheros mips32 coming soon