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| stable
| stable
{| cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"
|- style="background: #9cf;"
! HW IP    || SW IP  || Codename      || Model Name        || CPU                                || Linux Support                  || Comments
|- style="background: #fcf;"
| PM1      || &nbsp; || &nbsp;        || machine1          || cpu at  MHz                || Not Applicable                || Terminal, slot chassis
| IP28    || [[IP28]] || &nbsp;      || ...              || R5000 at 180MHz                      || Not Supported                  || redesign to fit the PI chassis
{| cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"
|- style="background: #cfc;"
| '''Well Supported'''          || means the machine is mostly functional, just small quirks and features that are unimplemented
|- style="background: #efc;"
| '''Supported'''                || means that the machine has booted or boots with a bit of work (such as applying a patch.)
|- style="background: #ffc;"
| '''Supported''', ''unstable!'' || means that the machine boots but will crash unexpectedly due to bugs in the hardware
|- style="background: #fec;"
| ''In Progress''                || means that there is an effort to port Linux to that machine, but it doesn't boot yet
|- style="background: #fcc;"
| Not Supported                  || means that there is not enough interest in a port to this machine
|- style="background: #fcf;"
| Not Applicable                || means that the machine doesn't fall into the scope of Linux/MIPS

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this page should report information about hw support for sgi mips machine

also it should report information about gentoo/mips support

machine kernel features status supported hw note
indy 2.6.17 robust stable


SGI machine technical support & info http://www.webalice.it/mr.ddc/machine/machine-sgi-techical-info.html

SGI info about the most common machines http://www.webalice.it/mr.ddc/machine/machine-sgi-info.html

other mips machine

  • MIPS 79RC32434, a solid & smart implementation of the mipsel little endian MIPS32 4Kcore


  • fonera

mipsbe atheros mips32 http://elinux.org/Fonera-Flameman