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Fulong2f mini pc was released by Lemote on June 30, 2008. There are two models of fulong 2f mini pc, one is 6002 and the other is 6003. The main differences between them are 6002 has two network cards and no DVI interface while 6003 has one network card and one DVI interface. The price of fulong 2f is RMB 1800 (about 260 US dollars).

A Fulong system

Hardware Spec

This is the spec of Fuloong 2f 6003.

Processor: Loongson 2F CPU, 800 MHz-900MHz, integrated DDR II controller;
Memory slots: SO-DIMM DDR II, 512MB DDR II RAM;
South Bridge: AMD CS5536;
Display: XGI V2 integrated 32MB supporting VGA/DVI/S-Video Output
Network: Realtek RTL 8110SC 1000Mbps;
Voices: Realtek ALC 655;
IDE Interface: 80G Ultra 2.5 inch;
USB: USB 2.0;
Infrared Interface: one infrared remote control receiver interface lead from the bridge;
Button: a switch button, a reset button;
Board size: 14 cm x 18 cm ;
Power: a 12 V notebook power input interface;

Supported OS

  • Debian mipsel and open ray 2.0 can be used on Fuloong 2F.
  • Another Linux distribution Everest is planning to support Fuloong 2F. It is the basis of Red Flag Linux, a popular Chinese Linux distribution.
  • Gentoo has mipsel1 stage3 which can run on Fuloong 2F.