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Extreme Graphics is a set of three boards that Indigo2 technical report called the most powerful graphics hardware currently offered by Silicon Graphics for a desktop workstation. Extreme Graphics includes eight Geometry Engine processors, two raster engines, high resolution 24-bit color, and a 24-bit Z-buffer.

This page describes random bits and pieces obtained during framebuffer driver development for Extreme.

Memory map

Address range      Description        Size

1F000000-1F03FFFF  Shared data RAM    256K
1F040000-1F05FFFF  FIFO               128K
1F060000-1F067FFF  HQ2 microcode      32K
1F068000-1F069FFF  GE7(0-7)           8K
1F06A000-1F06BFFF  HQ internal regs   8K
1F06C000-1F06C01F  Board version      32 bytes

More details can be found in include/video/extreme.h.


FIFO Commands

Drawing a Character

Linux kernel support

Still under development.