Deskstation Tyne

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The Deskstation Tyne is a 1994 vintage system based on an OPTi Pentium chipset and some glue logic that interfaces it to a QED R4600 processor. The board has a somewhat bizarre DMA architecture where only a 512kB DMA buffer RAM was DMA accessible to the PC chipset; this DMA buffer is accessible at some high address in the main processor's address space. The board has 1 VLB slot and 4 ISA slots.

Linux Support

A Tyne board was the system that 1994 the Linux/MIPS port was started on. Due to memory corruption on the board development was switched over to an Acer PICA system in early 1995. By that time Linux wasn't functional yet and the little support there was for it was bitrotting away, so the code eventually was removed.