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Infineons Single-chip solution for ADSL2/2+ with integrated Voip DSP for home gateways and CPE.


  • 2 MIPS CPUs
  • ADSL2+
  • Voip DSP (Second core is normally used for this)
  • Analog phone interfacing
  • USB
  • UARTs
  • GPIO interfaces
  • 2*1000mbit ethernet
  • 32 GPIOs, LED controller
  • DANUBE-S only: HW Encryption/Hashing


  • minipci/cardbus interface for wireless

Memory map


Devices based on the Infineon Danube

  • Wippies Homebox (black) GPL Sources
  • SMC-7908-ISP It's an adsl router supplied by the spanish ISP ya.com. It's made by Arcadyan, it has an adsl port, a 4 port ethernet switch, wireless, usb host and 2 FXS ports. It uses the BRN bootloader and runs a custom operating system. openwrt loads on this device but they still have problems with wifi and phone lines.
  • Arcadyan ARV7518PW-A-LF-LT It is basically the same device as SMC-7908-ISP (only differences between firmware versions found), and the spanish ISP ya.com is now providing the users with this router instead of the SMC one. New versions of this router have new firmwares and wifi bgn instead of only wifi bg. The images for the device are different from the ones in arcadyan's web, see ya.com router image (there are both white and grey versions of this router).
  • Gigaset SX761/SX762/SX763 wlan adsl router GPL Sources (only devices with original fw version 4.x.x.x.x for version 2.x.x.x.x check Amazon

Distros supporting the Danube

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