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Infineons Single-chip solution for ADSL2/2+ with integrated Voip DSP for home gateways and CPE.


  • 2 MIPS CPUs
  • ADSL2+
  • Voip DSP (Second core is normally used for this)
  • Analog phone interfacing
  • USB
  • UARTs
  • GPIO interfaces
  • 2*1000mbit ethernet
  • 32 GPIOs, LED controller
  • DANUBE-S only: HW Encryption/Hashing


  • minipci/cardbus interface for wireless

Memory map


Devices based on the Infineon Danube

  • Wippies Homebox (black) GPL Sources
  • SMC-7908-ISP It's an adsl router supplied by the spanish ISP ya.com. It's made by Arcadyan, it has an adsl port, a 4 port ethernet switch, wireless, usb host and 2 FXS ports. It uses the BRN bootloader and runs a custom operating system. Currently there's no way to load openwrt on this device.
  • Gigaset SX763 wlan adsl router

Distros supporting the Danube

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