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From (edited for clarity): "The Cavium Networks OCTEON family of Multi-core MIPS64 Processors is [wonderful]. These software-compatible processors, with one to sixteen cnMIPS cores on a single chip, integrate ... networking I/Os ... and application hardware acceleration [so they're great for] intelligent networks."

MontaVista Software, on this page, list the Cavium Networks OCTEON with availability "Contact MontaVista" for their MontaVista Linux Professional Edition product.


Cavium Networks acquired Brecis Communications' MIPS-Basedâ„¢ Secure Communication Processor product line at Q4 2004. Through the acquisition, Cavium received Brecis' MSP2000, MSP2010 and MSP2100 processors. Cavium Networks sells these products under its NITROX SoHo brand as the CN200, CN201 and CN210 respectively. These processors include:

  • MIPS 4Km processor core (w/o MMU)
  • 16 kbytes of I-cache, 16 kbytes of D-cache, 16 kbytes of scratchpad memory
  • 32-bit SDRAM interface
  • one to three fast Ethernet interfaces
  • PCI interface
  • UARTs
  • GPIOs
  • VPN engine

Currently does not support any RMI SOC.

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