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CVS has finally been retired at Currently the main project, the MIPS kernel, has been switched to git; others will follow. The anonymous CVS server will stay running so people can continue to do cvs diff and other operations but the content of the archive is frozen.

Please disable rsyncing and other automated operations on the CVS archive. The archive is frozen so there is no point in continuing to run those jobs.

Anonymous CVS

For those who always want to stay on the bleeding edge, and want to avoid having to download patch files or full tarballs, we also have an anonymous CVS server. Using CVS, you can checkout the Linux/MIPS source tree with the following commands where you insert linux, libc, gdb or faq for <repository>.

    cvs -d login
    (Only needed the first time you use anonymous CVS, the password is "cvs")
    cvs -d co -r <tag> <repository>

The "linux" repository contains a linux_2_2, linux_2_4 branch and Linux 2.6 on the trunk.

There is a mailing list for information on what gets committed to this repository.

There is also the "malta/linux" repository which is a special tree especially tuned for stability on Malta. It's usually quite far behind the main linux repository and is being phased out in favor for full-blown Malta support in the main linux CVS tree. To checkout a stable 2.4 kernel use the tag MaltaRef_2_4 and for 2.6 MaltaRef_2_6.

More on a historical note, there also is a linux-2.0 repository. The CVS Linux 2.0 version is a backport of the massive MIPS improvments during the 2.1 series which was created for Cobalt when it became clear that 2.2 would not be released in time to ship with the Cobalt products. Thus it only supports the Cobalt Qube and Raq.


Via cvsweb, you have direct access to the new Linux/MIPS kernel sources, and a few other projects hosted in the same CVS archive. The intuitive interface allows you to follow the development at the click of your mouse.


XCVS runs nightly and generates patches for CVS commits made in the previous day. You can search patches through a variety of searching criteria. Click here to explore.

CVS over Rsync

The CVS repository can also be fetched using rsync:

    rsync -avz --progress --stats rsync:// /local/directory
    rsync -avz --progress --stats rsync:// /local/directory

You can then check it out using:

    cvs -d/local/directory co linux  (optionally, throw in -r linux_X_Y_Z for a specific branch)