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Cable Modem series

Cable modem series includes BCM33xx SoCs

  • BCM3348 combines an RF receiver with an advanced QAM demodulator, an advanced QAM and S-CDMA modulator/transmitter, a complete DOCSIS 2.0 Media Access Controller (MAC), a 200-MHz MIPS32 Communication Processor, a 16-bit, 100-MHz SDRAM Interface, 10/100 Ethernet MAC with integrated transceiver and MII Interface, and a USB 1.1 controller with integrated transceiver.
  • BCM3349 combines an RF receiver with an advanced QAM and S-CDMA demodular, an advanced QAM transmitter, a complete DOCSIS 2.0 Media Access Controller (MAC), a 200 MHz MIPS32 communication processor, a 16-bit, 100-MHz SDRAM interface, 10/100 Ethernet MAC with integrated transceiver and MII Interface, and a medium-speed USB 2.0 controller with integrated transceiver.

HND series

HND (Home Networking Division) series includes BCM42XX, BCM44XX, BCM47XX SoCs

  • BCM4702 802.11b/54gâ„¢ Integrated Wireless AP/Router integrates 125MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor, two 10/100 Ethernet MACs, a PCI/Cardbus host controller, a USB controller and a PCMCIA host
  • BCM4704P integrates a 300MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor core, two 10/100 Ethernet MACs, and a SDRAM controller capable of operating at 133MHz with either DDR or SDRAM. The BCM4704P integrates an on-chip IPSec acceleration engine that can deliver up to 75Mbps of single-pass AES/3DES encryption throughput and supports a broad range of industry-standard security features, such as symmetric-key encryption and authentication algorithms including the 256-bit AES, DES, 3DES, SHA-1, MD5, HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-MD5
  • BCM4704 pin-compatible version to the BCM4704P without the on-chip IPsec engine
  • BCM4710 pin-compatible and software-compatible with the BCM4702 and adds integrated HomePNAâ„¢ 2.0 functionality
  • BCM4712 802.11b/54gâ„¢ Integrated Wireless AP/Router with 200MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor
  • BCM4780 300MHz MIPS32 Network-Attached Storage Processor

Sentry-5 series

  • BCM5350 integrates a 200MHz MIPS32 processor with an on-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU), a 32-bit processor bus, a VPN co-processor, an IEEE 802.11g MAC/baseband controller,DRAM and Flash controller and a 5-port 10/100 Ethernet switch (RoboSwitch) with integrated PHYs. For Layer 2 encryption of wireless data, the BCM5350 contains the same AES/RC4 engine found in the BCM4712. This engine handles WEP, WPA, and 802.11i encryption at 802.11g throughput. For Layer 3 VPNs, the BCM5350 borrows from the Sentry5 line a 75Mbps IPSec engine, which handles AES/3DES/DES encryption plus SHA-1 and MD5 hashing.
  • BCM5352EL integrates a 200MHz MIPS32 processor with 16Kb I-cache, 8Kb D-cache and on-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU), SDRAM/DDR memory controller (up to 256Mb), Flash, 5-port integrated 10/100 Ethernet switch, 16 GPIO, 2xUART
  • BCM5830/BCM5834 integrates a high-performance 200 MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor with on-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU), and Instruction-cache and Data-cache. The BCM5834 also integrates a 5-port 10/100 Ethernet switch with integrated PHY (Copper and Fiber). The BCM5830 has two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces with integrated PHY (Copper and Fibre). Additionally, both these devices support general-purpose interfaces such as USB (host/device), UART, GPIO, Flash, and Synchronous/DDR DRAM (up to 512MB), and have a built-in 32-bit 33 MHz PCI 2.2 (host/slave) controller with the ability to drive up to four additional PCI devices.

ADSL series

  • BCM6335 Single-Chip ADSL-to-Ethernet CPE Router. Embedded high-performance MIPS32â„¢ CPU with MMU
  • Broadcom BCM6345 combines an ADSL transceiver and analog front end (AFE) with a MIPS32 CPU, a 10/100 Ethernet interface, a USB 1.1 transceiver, a PCMCIA interface, and a generic expansion bus into a single chip. The embedded MIPS32 CPU, with Broadcom-supplied software, controls the ADSL modem, performs high-performance bridging and routing between the ADSL WAN interface and various LAN interfaces, and allows for customer application development.
  • BCM6348 is a BCM6345 that support ADSL2+.

Set-Top Box series

  • BCM7317 is a satellite set-top box system on a single chip.
  • BCM7401 is a AVC/MPEG-2/VC-1 HD Digital Video Decoder for Satellite, Cable, and DSL IP Set-Top Boxes.
  • BCM7402 is a hard-disk support removed version of BCM7401.

Devices are based on the Broadcom SoC

Thomson TCM390 (aka RCA DCM315), Cisco Systems uBR924 and Motorola SurfBoard SB5100 cable modems are based on the BCM3348KPB. Motorola SB5101 uses the Broadcom BCM3349.

Wi-Fi Access Points:

The BCM6345 is used in the following routers:

The BCM6348 is used in the following routers:

The BCM6358 is used in the following routers:

The BCM5365 is used in the following routers:

The BCM4780 NASoC

The BCM4707-based devices:

BCM7317 set-top box chip

Series2 TiVo is based on the Broadcom BCM7317 chip.


Brick your router? JTAG may be able to help.

  • The JTAG cables page at OpenWrt has some good information if you're thinking about making your own JTAG cable.
  • JTAG Tools for BCM47XX. Even though this project is not actively maintained, it is still alive and many people submit their own patches for different things.
  • JTAG at

Linux Support


Most of BCM-based devices are using CFE or PMON.

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