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(Netgear WGT634U)
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* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/LinksysWrt54g Linux on the Linksys WRT54G (BCM4702)
* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/LinksysWrt54g Linux on the Linksys WRT54G (BCM4702)
* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/AsusWL-300g
* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/AsusWL-300g
* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/Belkin_20F5D7230-4
* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/NetgearWGT634U
* http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/NetgearWGT634U
* More about [http://www.nomis52.net/?section=projects&sect2=netgear&page=about Netgear WGT634U]
* More about [http://www.nomis52.net/?section=projects&sect2=netgear&page=about Netgear WGT634U]

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HND series

HND (Home Networking Division) series includes BCM42XX, BCM44XX, BCM47XX SoCs

  • BCM4702 802.11b/54gâ„¢ Integrated Wireless AP/Router integrates 125MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor, two 10/100 Ethernet MACs, a PCI/Cardbus host controller, a USB controller and a PCMCIA host
  • BCM4710 pin-compatible and software-compatible with the BCM4702 and adds integrated HomePNAâ„¢ 2.0 functionality
  • BCM4712 802.11b/54gâ„¢ Integrated Wireless AP/Router with 200MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor
  • BCM4780 300MHz MIPS32 Network-Attached Storage Processor

Sentry-5 series


  • BCM5350 integrates a high-performance MIPS32â„¢ processor with an on-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU), a 32-bit processor bus, a VPN co-processor, an IEEE 802.11g MAC/baseband controller and a 5-port 10/100 Ethernet switch (RoboSwitch) with integrated PHYs.
  • BCM5830/BCM5834 integrates a high-performance 200 MHz MIPS32â„¢ processor with on-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU), and Instruction-cache and Data-cache. The BCM5834 also integrates a 5-port 10/100 Ethernet switch with integrated PHY (Copper and Fiber). The BCM5830 has two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces with integrated PHY (Copper and Fibre). Additionally, both these devices support general-purpose interfaces such as USB (host/device), UART, GPIO, Flash, and Synchronous/ DDR DRAM (up to 512MB), and have a built-in 32-bit 33 MHz PCI 2.2 (host/slave) controller with the ability to drive up to four additional PCI devices.

  • BCM6335 Single-Chip ADSL-to-Ethernet CPE Router. Embedded high-performance MIPS32â„¢ CPU with MMU
  • Broadcom BCM6345 combines an ADSL transceiver and analog front end (AFE) with a MIPS32 CPU, a 10/100 Ethernet interface, a USB 1.1 transceiver, a PCMCIA interface, and a generic expansion bus into a single chip. The embedded MIPS32 CPU, with Broadcom-supplied software, controls the ADSL modem, performs high-performance bridging and routing between the ADSL WAN interface and various LAN interfaces, and allows for customer application development.

Devices are based on the Broadcom SoC

Wi-Fi Access Points:

The BCM6345 is used in the following routers:


Most of BCM-based devices are using CFE or PMON.

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