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BRECIS Communications was a fabless semiconductor company offering a MSP (Multi-Service Processor) family of SoC intended for security appliances, broadband routers, Multi-service Access Devices and VoIP Gateways.


  • MSP2000 - now Cavium SOC NITROX SoHo CN200
  • MSP2004 - now PMC-Sierra MSP2004
  • MSP2005 - now PMC-Sierra
  • MSP2006 - now PMC-Sierra MSP2006
  • MSP2007 - now PMC-Sierra
  • MSP2010 - now Cavium SOC NITROX SoHo CN201
  • MSP2015 - now PMC-Sierra
  • MSP2020 - now PMC-Sierra
  • MSP2100 - now Cavium SOC NITROX SoHo CN210
  • MSP3000
  • MSP4000 - now PMC-Sierra
  • MSP5000 - now PMC-Sierra

Products are based on the Brecis SoC

  • D-Link DWL-2000AP+ H/W Ver:A2 (Global Sun Technology GL2454AP ver:T3.0) - Brecis MSP2006; TI 1130 WiFi Mini-PCI card
  • Planet WAP-4000 (Global Sun Technology GL2454AP)
  • USR5450 (Global Sun Technology GL2454AP)
  • Hawking HNAS1 Net-Stor Network Storage Center
  • OvisLink WMU-9000VPN - Brecis MSP2006, 8MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM, WiFi Intersil 3880IK,USB,Linux
  • OvisLink WL-1184AR - Brecis MSP2006

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