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The Edimax BR6104 is a small broadband router. It uses the ADM5120 SoC.


The BR6104K has one WAN port and a 5 port LAN switch. The firmware contains the usual: Firewall, NAT, dhcp client and server, etc.


The BR6104KP is the same as the BR6104K but has two USB ports that can be used to connect a printer and use it as a print server.

Adding a serial port

On the board is a 8pin header called 'JP2' that can be used as serial port. You can connect a serial level converter (such as the MAX232 familly) to these pins. Its pins are:

  1. RX
  2. 3.3V
  3. nc
  4. nc
  5. nc
  6. nc
  7. TX
  8. GND

Use the 3.3V as supply for the MAX chip, don't use the 5V for the USB. (You wan't to convert to the processors' levels, not the USBs')

Set you terminals' speed to 115Kbaud (8N1). When powering press three times space to get into the boot menu. Her you can choose to:

  • Upload new vmlinuz to Flash (option a), this might be dangerous.
  • Upload new vmlinuz to RAM (option b), nice for trying your own.
  • Exit (option c), continue to load the vmlinuz already in Flash.

The uploading is done with the XModem protocol.

Linux support

Edimax recently released the sources to their kernel sources (2.4.18) and other tools such as Busybox. (slow as hell)

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