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General Description

The Broadcom BCM6345 combines an ADSL transceiver and analog front end (AFE) with a MIPS32 CPU, a 10/100 Ethernet interface, a USB 1.1 transceiver, a PCMCIA interface, and a generic expansion bus into a single chip.

The embedded MIPS32 CPU, with Broadcom-supplied software, controls the ADSL modem, performs high-performance bridging and routing between the ADSL WAN interface and various LAN interfaces, and allows for customer application development.

Hardware using the BCM6345

Buffalo WMR-G54, Dynalink RTA230, Inventel DW 200, Siemens SE515, US Robotics 9105/9106, Paradyne 6211-A1, NetGear DG834GT T-Com Sinus 1054

Linux Support

Broadcom 6345 Linux distribution
USRobotics GPL Code Central
T-Com Sinus 1054 GPL Code download (133MB)