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MIPS announced the Aptiv product line on May 10, 2012. The Aptiv family is sometimes also refered to under its codename Impresa. The Aptiv series are MIPS32 Rev 3 is derived of the 74K and consists of three (+1) family members:

  • microAptiv This core is marketed as a highend synthesizable microcontroller. It features mipsMIPS code compression, the DSP ASE Rev 2. A standard MIPS TLB and a simpler segmented MMU are synthesizable options of the core. Linux requires the TLB to work! There is no FPU option for the microAptiv.
  • interAptiv I/O coherence manager (you want it), Global Interrupt Controller (GIC), FPU
  • proAptiv I/O coherence manager (you want it), Global Interrupt Controller (GIC), FPU, MIPS16e, multi-core
  • radioAptiv featuring a nanoEGG™ for powersupply. First samples can be found walking around in the seas around Japan.

Linux support

No patches for Aptiv support have been submitted yet. Since the core largely is an advanced implementation of already existing technologies Aptiv support is expected to be a relatively simple task.


The list of Aptiv family members may be inaccurate.

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